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Third-year Recital: Reflection

Sound check with Ford Collier at Firth Hall, Sheffield (photo by Dean Collier)

The final recital marked the end of a transformative journey through university that has lasted for three years. My outlook on life has changed so much since Freshers' Week. How the hell that socially-awkward incarnation of myself managed to have such a fulfilling student experience, I'll never know.

But it was obvious with every performer on recital day just how much we have all grown. No longer were we bumbling freshers full of anticipation for the years to come. Now, we were old-timers, on the verge of graduation from the university of hard knocks.

It was awesome to watch everyone blast their pieces out on the Firth Hall stage. Even more so to play guitar for James Armstrong's and Ford Collier's recital, where I got to witness up-close their hard work finally paying off. But I was on edge every second before my recital.

Spontaneous jam with Ford Collier the day before the recital.

It was hard not feel nervous on that day. So much was on the line. Not only did my recital count towards a third of my grade this year, but it meant so much me as an aspiring performer. I had been waiting for this moment through my entire degree, so it had to be worth it!

Without a doubt, this has been the most difficult challenge at university. I had to sacrifice my social life completely to work on my technique. The pieces that I chose pushed me to the limit and beyond. But to finally share all of that preparation on the Firth Hall stage, damn that felt good!

Results won't come for another month or two, but I did the best I could.

EP Launch for "No Pressure"

And what a better way to celebrate with a surprise EP launch, recorded by James Armstrong with guest appearances from Ford Collier and Jonny Poole. Click the music tab above to stream and download for free!

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