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Light In The Dark

Written: March 2018
Recorded: August 2020

Credits: Liam Johnson (guitars, vocals, bass, tin whistle)

Edison Bulb


Take your favourite songs and sing them out for me

Let your voice be loud and clear

Let nobody bring you down 'cause you see

You've got no reason to fear


'Cause you hold in your heart

A light in the dark

A deep burning spark you know it's true

You hold in your heart

A light in the dark you know it's true

So shine it on through

Take your favourite stories, read them out for me

We'll go travelling down the years

Break into the future through your wildest dreams

And watch the worries disappear


Take your inner demons, let them out for me

Show me what you've got to lose

Let those fears guide you to what you want to be

So you can live the life you choose

(Chorus x2)

Light in the Dark sets the optimistic tone for the whole album. The guitar intro was initially fingerpicked in order to set up a new fingerstyle piece. But the idea alone sparked a memory within me that felt like it needed to be shared through words. I remembered being in secondary school envisioning the kind of guitar player I wanted to become in the future. Secondary school was a depressing time for me due to being harassed and bullied by my classmates so I needed something to aspire towards to help me keep going.

In one vision, I imagined seeing my future self giving my teenage self a pep talk to give them inspiration to keep going. The future version of myself was everything I aspired to be: a fully-grown adult, seemed a lot more self-expressive in his mannerisms and seemed to kick ass playing the guitar. One of the most hopeful things he said was "One day you're going to be me." Even though it was a vision, I took it as the truth and became inspired by the concept. I practiced harder and longer than I ever did before and before long, my life started to resemble his more and more.


The lyrics in Light in the Dark are written from the perspective of my future self in that vision. Being older and feeling more aligned with my future self, it felt fitting to repay the favour and give my teenage self the pep talk that he needed. It therefore serves as a positive, motivating message to anyone who has ever felt the way that I did back then. It's the reassurance of knowing that while things may often feel negative and painful, there's always something to remain optimistic for in the long run.

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