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One-to-one Tuition — Liam Johnson
One-to-one Tuition

"The day eventually comes when practicing becomes a treasured part of your life. You settle into it as if into your favourite easy chair, unaware of time and the turbulence of the world. It will still be there for you tomorrow. It will never go away."

– George Leonard

Whether you want to become a rock star or simply want to play for fun, learning to play the guitar doesn't have to be an intimidating process.

We've all heard of the benefits of playing a musical instrument.

It improves memory skills, social skills, concentration enhances coordination, teaches you discipline and channels your self-expression.

The most important benefit that comes from practicing an instrument is happiness and well-being.

Yet many people can't play a musical instrument.

And those who attempt to learn guitar for the first time are so overwhelmed that they choose to quit.

Why is that?

Why do so many refuse to learn a musical instrument when there are so many benefits to be gained?

The answer: it's difficult!

Liam Johnson playing in Jessop Courtyard, Sheffield

The most difficult time in any musician's life is in the first year of learning.

But the challenge doesn't lie in learning the instrument itself. It lies in the emotions that you feel in-between.

You have to battle with your own mind as it tries to convince you that you're no good. It tries to make you quit.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

What a teacher can bring

Any good teacher will be able to help you cultivate a positive mental attitude as you learn fundamental techniques and music theory.

They will notice your unique strengths and weaknesses and give you the appropriate advice to help you improve.

But most important, they will help you develop a healthy relationship with practice and show you how to do it effectively.

Guitar in the Peak District

All the rewards that come from playing a musical instrument come from a solid practice routine, not from playing onstage.


Once you have mastered the art of practice, you'll never want to give up again!

Lessons with me
Liam Johnson

I can help you to:

  • Learn to play your favourite songs

  • Prepare for graded examinations

  • Compose new music

  • Perform onstage

  • Understand music theory

  • Play many styles of electric & acoustic guitar

  • Build your confidence

  • Deepen your passion for music and for life!

Contact Me

If you are interested in booking lessons or have any questions, please contact me using the form below

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