Growing up in the small mining town of Ollerton, Liam Johnson has been exploring the guitar to its full potential for more than 15 years. Now living in Sheffield, he performs his own music across the country as well as working part-time as a guitar tutor for AS Music School.


Liam first encountered a guitar at the age of 9 when his primary school teacher brought it to class one day. He became immediately inspired by the instrument and it wasn't long before he started pestering his parents to pay for some guitar lessons. Subsequently, Liam started learning how to rock with his guitar tutor, who several years later introduced him to the rabbit-hole of shred guitar music. 


Soon he started listening to the music of Joe Satriani, Andy Timmons and Michael Angelo Batio. Then later the music of Michael Hedges, Preston Reed and Tommy Emmanuel. At this point, Liam became obsessed with the guitar as a solo instrument and kicked off a lifelong pursuit toward becoming a professional guitar player.


Graduating from the University Of Sheffield with a first-class Music degree, Liam became a recipient of the Dr Mo Sacoor MRCP Performance Scholarship upon arrival at the university which helped pay for his favourite guitar to date: the Taylor 414CE. During his studies, Liam released his first solo EP in 2017 called No Pressure, offering listeners a glimpse at some of his high-spirited guitar compositions and collaborative performances.


During the pandemic, Liam refined his recording and producing skills by working on a brand new album called "On The Horizon," his first full-length album release which was released on 29th April 2022. The album serves as a distillation of years of dedicated practice and musical exploration while primarily offering the listener the chance to indulge in a hopeful, optimistic vision for the future.