Liam Johnson is a percussive acoustic guitarist and singer-songwriter from Nottinghamshire, UK. He has performed as lead & rhythm guitarist in various bands such as A Thousand Enemies, Slade UK, Electric Idols and has played for numerous musicals including The Last Five Years, Evita, We Will Rock You, Wind in the Willows and the production of Priscilla Queen of the Desert at Sheffield’s Lyceum Theatre. He has also performed within other ensembles specialising in jazz, rock, Irish folk, electroacoustic and Hindustani classical music.


A dedicated solo performer, Liam has amazed audiences across the UK with his energetic flair and technical prowess on the acoustic guitar. He graduated from the University Of Sheffield with a first-class Music degree and received the Dr Mo Sacoor MRCP Performance Scholarship upon arrival at the university. Since then, Liam has released his first solo EP in 2017 called No Pressure, which not only features his high-spirited guitar compositions but also some of his best collaborative performances. He has performed solo at Wellowfest, Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, Sheffield Train Station and hundreds of bars in the UK and Ireland.


Having played guitar for over a decade, Liam first encountered a guitar at the age of 9 when his primary school teacher brought it to class. He became immediately inspired to learn the guitar after receiving keyboard lessons a few years prior. He received tuition from Richie Barlow, lead guitarist for Vampires Rock at the time, who introduced him to rock ’n’ roll and metal music which quickly became Liam’s musical bread and butter.


In 2013, Liam discovered the music of Preston Reed, Michael Hedges and Tommy Emmanuel. This soon inspired him to put the electric to rest and grab the acoustic. From there, he taught himself how to play percussive, fingerstyle guitar music by learning his favourite pieces by ear. It didn’t take long before he started writing solo guitar compositions and performing them to bewildered audiences and crowds in the future.


Liam is currently composing new music for an album release in 2021. He is available for work as a solo artist, teacher and session musician for musicals, weddings and other events as both an acoustic and electric guitarist.